Our Partners

Relief Share teams up with  following  U.S. and international charities to make sure our medical,  educational,  food and humanitarian support  reaches those who need them most.


Marlog in Kovel Ukraine worked with Relief Share to receive then distribute 225 boxes of hospital medical-surgical supplies. All donations were from Florida hospitals including a health care system that recently closed due to corporate merger allowing for a complete donation of all med-surg items on all floors and operating room suites.


HELPUKRAINE.CENTER  provide logistics of humanitarian cargoes from Europe to Ukraine. They operate two big hubs: in Lublin, Poland, and in Huși, Romania. They receive humanitarian and medical aid, process cargo and deliver it to Ukraine via safe corridors and directly to the Ukrainian military.



Med’EqualiTeam is a medical NGO providing free primary health care to the people living in the refugee camp on the Greek island of Samos.
Nova Ukraine  provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine and fund a variety of efforts to help the people of Ukraine and to strengthen Ukraine’s democratic society. 


  Stichting Bootvluchteling (Boat Refugee Foundation or BRF) Operates a mobile clinic serving refugees from Ukraine in Poland. BRF has also provided health care to thousands of traumatized refugees are stuck in  the  Moria refugee overcrowded camp on Lesvos island Greece.  Boat Refugee Foundation was one of the first charities to open when the refugee crisis in Greece began in 2015.    BRF  provides  medical care and advocates for the human rights and safety of all refugees.
Relief Share volunteers Max Duverneuil and Daniel Carella deliver medical and clinic donations with Boat Refugee Foundation staff in Mytilene,  Lesvos Island Greece. BRF operates an all night emergency clinic in the Moria Refugee camp.  Before the war in Ukraine, Moria was  Europes largest refugee camp housing 10,000 displaced refugees in a space for only 3000. Relief Share has more humanitarian donations of medical – clinical family health, donations for volunteers travelling to Poland where BRF is now helping Ukrainian refugeeswho have arrived there. Missions travelling to Lesvos or Greece can also contact Relief Share through our website.



 Amurtel Greece:     https://greece.amurtel.org/    AMURTEL’s women’s center in Athens, Greece is open to all women but mainly serves refugee and migrant women from middle eastern and African countries. Amurtel provides a safe space for women to come for help overcoming  the often devastating effects of isolation and loneliness,  help with their newborns in best possible way despite the challenging situations they face, care  and support during pregnancy and postpartum,   support with all aspects of infant feeding and nutrition.

When in Athens  Relief Share delivered $500 USD of medications for expecting mothers suffering from  high blood pressure  brought on by the constant stress of their conditions as refugees.



1 Based in Tampa Bay since 1987, CardioStart https://cardiostart.org/ promotes humanitarian missions and provides free heart surgery and medical services to children and adults in developing countries.
In December, 2015, CardioStart traveled to Nepal to provide medical and healthcare services to earthquake-torn regions. The CardioStart team brought with them 50 First Aid kits, which were created by Relief Share’s student club.  CardioStart’s Executive Vice President Janine Henson, RN, BSN, CCRN said: “Thank you and your great kids very much for their really hard work and initiative. As you can see by the faces in the photos the children were thrilled and will be able to help their families as they try to rebuild after the earthquake.”



Project C.U.R.E. https://projectcure.org/ is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world that delivers medical supplies and equipment to developing countries. In 2014 alone, Project C.U.R.E shipped 126 semi-truck trailers filled with life-saving medical supplies and equipment to more than 130 countries.  Relief Share has teamed up with Project C.U.R.E. since 2007, collecting, sorting, and packing local medical surplus and handing it off to Judy Kraut, a retired nurse who leads the Florida Project C.U.R.E. community.  Judy and some of her team joined the student club at Lecanto High School in February 2016 to participate in the club’s largest-ever sorting day!
Judy described Project C.U.R.E.’s activities and outreach and showed a documentary describing the lack of medical equipment in so much of the world. Then she, her team and the students sorted and categorized an enormous amount of medical surplus from our regional healthcare facilities—all surplus that would end up in a landfill unless groups like Relief Share process it and hand it off to international charities which have the funding to ship it to locations overseas.



https://rcma.org/ RCMA helps more than 6,500  children annually by providing quality child care, education, and resources for some of Florida’s most vulnerable children and their families.


https://beth-el.org/    Beth-El provides   hunger relief, education, healthcare, and spiritual growth.   Relief Share donates   medical items for the clinic,   pre-packaged rice-soy meals for the food bank,  and family health / first aid /hygiene items for direct distribution to migrant worker families.


FSU College of Medicine Center for Child Stress & Health Imokkalee https://med.fsu.edu/childStress/homeThe center  providse resources to families and health care providers related to the treatment and prevention of toxic stress during childhood, especially those in rural and minority and underserved communities in Florida and in the Immokalee migrant community.
IRelief Share delivered 50 family health / hygiene and first aid kits for migrant families. Kits included over the counter health items children’s pain relievers, cough and cold, dental hygiene and many items to save working migrant families time and funds.








New Missions http://www.newmissions.org/ For more than 30 years, New Missions has been establishing local churches and schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic—providing children with education, food, and medical care so they can grow strong and make an impact in their community.


Project Medishare. http://projectmedishare.org/

Project Medishare empowers Haitians to provide and receive access to quality health care. The organization shares knowledge and resources with local partners to improve health infrastructure and strengthen the skills of medical professionals.   Project Medishare’s programs are community-based and Haitian led.  Relief Share began donating medical surplus to Medishare in 2010 immediately after the earthquake  in Haiti that year.


Agape Flights. http://www.agapeflights.com/

Agape Flights provides aviation service delivering cargo, and humanitarian aid to  communities in the DR.







Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children
Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIRMC). https://www.fimrc.org/

FIMRC is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of families in the developing world through the implementation of innovative and self-sustainable health improvement programs. Through its network of outpatient clinics and partnerships, FIMRC asserts a multidimensional strategy that includes clinical services, extensive community outreach efforts and health education programs. FIMRC serves people in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, India, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, and Uganda.


Programa de Ayuda Humanitaria para Venezuela (Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela Program)
http://www.ayudahumanitariavenezuela.org/index.htmlThe people in Venezuela are in desperate need of help. That is why a group of concerned Venezuelan-American citizens registered the Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela Program. This initiative seeks to receive donations of much needed medical supplies and carefully send them to Venezuela to where they are needed the most. Local committed volunteers risk their freedom, and even their lives, by distributing these goods. If caught with any type of medical aid, they would be charged as terrorists due to a recently-approved Venezuelan law.
When the help finally meets its destination, medical supplies and medicines are given to well-established Charities that distribute them along the country at no cost to the recipient.
Florida Partners

Relief Share supports community health clinics and development efforts in underserved areas of the state by getting first aid and medical supplies to organizations and facilities that need them.

Our programs include: Collection of medical surplus; assembling of family health/first aid kits; and supporting health clinics throughout Florida.

We also supply family health and first aid kits to help farmworker families, the homeless and others in need stay healthy and avoid missing work or school. The donations of these kits help families avoid having to forgo spending income on over-the-counter healthcare items instead of food and other necessities.

We provide Family First Aid kits to the following Florida partners:

  • Florida Department of Education Migrant Education Centers


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