Relief Share’s Mission:   

To support community health clinics and health development efforts in underserved countries and the United States by getting first aid and medical supplies and equipment to organizations and facilities that need them.

Medical Surplus Recovery and Redistribution:  The WHO estimates 10 million children under age five in developing countries die from lack of medical care; and the National Academy of Medicine estimates that the U.S. health care system wastes around $765 billion a year — about a quarter of what is sent by the US health system.

Relief Share Responds by:

  • Collecting medical surplus locally and distributing globally to clinics, hospitals, and healthcare providers in developing countries
  • Supporting community health clinics  in underdeveloped/developing   countries  serving the most vulnerable.

Supporting Refugees and Migrant Workers:  UNHCR states there are now 70 million people who are refugees or forcibly displaced – in 2018, 37,000 a day were displaced.

Relief Share Responds by:

  • Sharing medical surplus with providers of free refugee health care.
  • Supporting Florida migrant worker safety-net health clinics with donations of medical supplies, meal kits, and family health kits.
  • Assembling and disseminating family health kits for refugees, migrant workers, and natural disaster victims.

Food Insecurity:  The UN World Food Program states that in 2016 80 million people worldwide experienced acute hunger. In 2019, that number was 135 million, a 70% increase.

Relief Share Responds by:

  • Sponsoring program of assembling pre-packaged high nutrition rice/soy meals and arranging distribution to refugee, migrant, and  under-served communities and natural disaster victims.
  • Supporting student service learning efforts to sell Fair Trade crafts made by artisans in Central America and Northern Uganda at local festivals and sending proceeds back to the communities – helping craft artisans and promoting community development.

Relief Share is a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has worked with established partner organizations and qualified medical providers to collect, inventory, repack, and ship medical surplus overseas.  We communicate with health care providers, including refugee clinics, hospitals, and medical mission groups in areas of highest need and then work with agencies, charities, and the military to have medical and humanitarian items shipped to those health care providers.

Relief Share also provides medical donations to safety net free healthcare clinics in Florida that serve special populations of migrant and uninsured seasonal workers.

How can I send Relief Share medical surplus?

Relief Share accepts shipments of medical surplus from hospitals, surgery centers, and other healthcare facilities and organizations.  Write to us  using the CONTACT tab for more information.

I don’t have medical supplies but I’d like to help.  Does Relief Share accept donations?

As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, Relief Share accepts monetary donations with thanks. Communicate with us via our CONTACT tab for information on how to donate.

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