Relief Share travelled to Samos Island Greece to deliver 400 pounds of  clinic, medical,  family health / hygiene  donations to Med’EqualiTeam clinic and staff. Many of the items were collected,  inventoried,  and packed by International Baccalaureate students of Lecanto High School, Lecanto Fl.  to continue their operation of only free clinic for the refugee population.  Pictured at right is Relief Share with  Med’EqualitTeam’s  coordinating physicians. Donations included hundreds of clinic and family health / hygiene items including a clinical microscope.

While on Samos,  RS  met a group of Afghan children and their caregivers who were  teen age refugees. The group spoke Farsi,  and were from Afghanistan having fled Taliban violence.   Relief Share volunteer Max Duverneuil used google translate to communicate with group and arrange for our drop off of school  supply donations with  their  caretakers, Haidar and Hanan,  who while only in their teens themselves had organized  their own school for the very young children they were helping care for in the Vathy Refugee Camp on Samos.


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