What Can We Do?

Although we cannot do intensive service during our short time there, we can accomplish much:

  • Deliver medical donations to clinics serving refugee populations on Chios, Lesvos, and Samos
  • Deliver pediatric, obstetric, surgical, IV, respiratory, & medical laboratory medical surplus to the Hospitals on Samos & Lesvos that serve the refugee populations on the islands.
  • Tutor and deliver informal educational activities and psychosocial support to reduce isolation for children
  • Provide nursing, medical, physician and public health volunteer time at clinics
  • Deliver clothing, shoes, tents, sleeping bags & other items of daily living needed by refugees living without shelter
  • Deliver personal health/hygiene items in bulk and as kits for distribution to individual families

For those who want to stay longer, Samos Volunteers requires a 4-week volunteer commitment. Chios Eastern Shore Response Team, Med’EqualiTeam, and Refugee4Refugees will accept shorter term volunteers.


  • Relief Share will already have a large amount of clinical/medical equipment donations including family health and hygiene kits
    • These include both over-the-counter and prescription medicines, clinic donations, children’s clothes – shoes, backpacks, educational items & personal health and hygiene items
  • Participants are asked to reserve one suitcase for these medical, educational, and other humanitarian donations
  • You can ask local medical professionals/retail stores for donations. Relief Share will provide you with a letter template outlining the trip and the supplies needed
  • Once you’ve purchased your airline ticket, we will provide you with a personalized letter to ask your airline for waived or reduced extra luggage fees for bringing more donations. You can purchase inexpensive luggage at thrift stores to store the supplies and leave at the camps



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